FollowUp 12-13-17

Message Title: The Writing on the Wall

Series: Rebel with a Cause

Key verses:  Daniel 5

Sermon Notes:

Letting God speak to us in Daniel 5.

  1. Our days are numbered. (Psalm 90:12)
  2. How we live our days matter to God. (Is 65-1-3)
  3. How we live our days are weighed by God — we are found lacking. (Romans 3:23, 6:23)
  4. Our kingdom is temporary. (Mt 6:19-21)

Follow up questions from Sunday:

Icebreaker:  What was the most valuable thing ever stolen from you?  When did it happen and what did it teach you about life?

  1. Go around the room and read Daniel ch 5.
  2. When you read Daniel 5:1-3. Why do you think Belshazzar had the holy cups brought to his party?  How do you see modern culture mocking God today?  Why do you think they do this?
  3. When you read Daniel 5:5-6. When can you think of other times in the Bible when God responds to people defying Him?  What does this tell you about the person of God?  Have you ever seen God humble someone in your spiritual journey?  Please share.
  4. Read Daniel 5:25-30 again, Psalm 90:12. Mene  means number….”our days are numbered”.  Knowing that our life is only for a time and we will all stand before God, how do you think this should affect how we live our days?  When did you first learn to number your days?
  5. Read Romans 3:23, 6:23. Tekel means “weighed”.  Knowing that our lives are weighed on the scales of heaven before a Holy God, how does this truth influence your love for Jesus and His sacrifice for you?
  6. Read Mt 6:19-21. Parsin  means “divided”.  Knowing that all our possessions are for a season–and will one day be divided to someone else if they don’t get stolen or rusted away before then, –what should this teach us about the importance of “earthly wealth vs. heavenly wealth”?  How does this truth affect your life today?
  7. Pray for each other the rebels prayer as we all seek to meet know and follow Jesus.

Father give me the wisdom to know the right thing to do and the courage to do it

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