Pastor Frank

FollowUp 6-21-17

Message Title: The Good, Good Father
Series: Tell Me a Story

Key verses: Luke 15:1-32

Sermon Notes:

I. The Context

A. Something of value winds up missing

B. That which was missing mattered a lot to somebody

C. There is tremendous celebration when that which waslost is found

II. The Story

A. The younger son was an extremely disrespectful son v.12

1. He was extremely selfish, foolish and immature vs.13-14, 30

2. He hit rock bottom vs.15-16

3. He had an “Aha” moment vs.17-19

B. The Father was an extremely gracious Father vs.20-24

FollowUp 6-14-17

Message Title: The Rich Man and Lazarus
Series: Tell Me a Story

Key verses: Luke 12:13-21

Key verses:
Luke 16:19-31

Sermon Notes:
1 Introduction:
1) Was this a parable or a record of a true event?
2) What subject is it that Jesus was intending to illustrate?

1. Contrast in Life
a) One man lived a bountiful life (v19)

The man lived a good life as far as material things were concerned, but it was a lost and meaningless life spiritually.
b) One man lived a burdened life (v20-21)
He lived a hard life in this world but found a real and meaningful life spiritually.

2. Contrast in Death
a.) One man died with attendants (v22a)
No one may have cared for him in this world, but God sent His angels to attend to him at his death.
b) One man died alone (v22b)
NO Angelic convoy to escort him.

3. Contrast in Eternity (v23-24)
a) One man is tormented (v23)
What is clear from our Lord’s description of the afterlife is that it is a state of conscious existence.
b) One man is Comforted (v25c)
A very interesting word “one who draws alongside, advocate, and comforter.” The same description given to the Holy Spirit.

4. The Conversation (v24-31)
Finally Jesus was killed but He rose again. With what result?
They tried to put to death all those who followed Him.

Jesus teaches here that what we experience in the afterlife is determined by what we do with Him in this life.
As we live we shall die.

FollowUp 6-07-17

Message Title: The Rich Fool
Series: Tell Me a Story

Key verses: Luke 12:13-21

Sermon Notes:

1. Greed is a selfish, consuming desire to have more than is needed.
According to Jesus, what makes the rich man a fool in the eyes of God?
2. The rich man is selfish.
3. The rich man is materialistic.
4. The rich man is all about pleasure.
5. A fool is a person who makes choices as if God doesn’t exist and who lives as if God hasn’t spoken.

FollowUp 5-31-17

Speaker: Mike Cranford
Series: Tell Me a Story

Key verses: Luke 10:25-37; Ezek. 36:26.

Sermon Notes:
1. The road to Jericho is not safe. Will you walk it?
2. The people on the road are hurting. Will you help them?
3. The help people need is inconvenient and costly.
(a) Will you slow your journey?
(b) Will you give up your wealth to ease another’s pain?

FollowUp 5-24-17

Speaker: Lieutenant Gary Wyatt
Series: Civil Servant Sunday

Verses used: Deuteronomy 31:6, Romans 12:1-2, John 15:1-7, Galatians 5:16-26, Romans 8:28

FollowUp 5-17-17

Message Title: Debts of Forgiveness
Series: Tell Me a Story

Key verses:
Luke 7:41-43

Sermon Notes:

1. Jesus’ second parable is directed to the religious people of the day and it is all about love related to forgiveness.

Jesus has a problem with the Pharisee because:
2. In all his studying, he has misunderstood the heart of God and His love for people.
3. In all his studying, he has misunderstood himself before a Holy God.

4. How many sins do you think Jesus has forgiven you for in your life?

FollowUp 5-10-17

Message Title: Wineskins of Change
Series: Tell Me a Story

Key verses:
Luke 5:36-39

Sermon Notes:

1. A parable is a heavenly truth placed in an earthly setting.

In the eyes of the Pharisees:
2. Jesus had the wrong theology.
3. Jesus hangs out with the wrong company.
4. Jesus and His disciples don’t act properly.
5. Jesus’ first parable is directed to the religious people of the day and it is all about change.

** The heavenly truth of the parable: Jesus isn’t a patch or an addition to the Scriptures, but the

Entering into a relationship with Jesus requires that we change our:
6. Old way of thinking.
7. Old way of living.
8. Old way of believing.

FollowUp 5-3-17

Message Title: The Pregnancy of a Calling

Key verses:
Luke 1: 26-35, 37-38

Sermon Notes:
What is a calling?
1) Calling is always about the Caller.
2) Calling is always a process.
3) Calling is always profitable.
 “Encourage is helping someone find their courage to live out their God given calling”

FollowUp 4-26-17

Message Title: We Know
Series: How Do We Know?

Key verses:
John 6:67-69

Sermon Notes:
1. What do you believe?

2. How do you personally know?

FollowUp 4-12-17

Message Title: How Do We Know That the Bible Is Reliable? Part 2
Series: How Do We Know?

Key verses: Zach 9:9, 14:4, Lk 24:25-27

Sermon Notes:
1. Prophecy is the foretelling of what is to come.
**Scripture says that Messiah will:
2. Be born of a virgin(Gen 3:15, Is 7:14)
3. Be of the line of Abraham, Judah, David. (Gen 18:18, 49:10 Is 11:10.)
4. Be the Son of God. (Ps 2:7)
5. Be born in Bethlehem. (Micah 5:2)
6. Start His ministry around the Sea of Galilee (Is 9)
7. Perform miracles and bring freedom (Is 35: 5-6, Is 61:1)
8. Ride into Jerusalem on a donkey from the Mt of Olives (Zach 9:9. 14:4)
9. Be rejected by his people and put on trial ( Is 8:14-15, Is 53:3,7)
10. Be pierced through and scourged for the sins of others Is 53:5
11. Be with wicked men in his death. Is 53:9
12. Be buried in a rich man’s tomb Is 53:9
13. Justify the many and bear their sins in His death.