July 14, 2022

Dear brother/sister in Christ:

As we reflect on the goodness of the Lord and His hand guiding us during these last couple of years, we can’t help but praise His name. In one way we clearly see His hand of provision as He guided us in our online presence with streaming prior to the pandemic. Since the beginning of the Covid shut-downs over two years ago, our online streaming presence has grown dramatically and for this we are truly grateful. We have seen that most people who walk through the front door of the church today do so because they first interacted with the “digital front door” through our service and videos online. The amazing thing about online engagement is that video sermons continue to have life long after the Sunday hour and can be shared over time, allowing content created years ago to still be accessible and impactful for years to come.

As we assess the present and look to the future, one thing we have discovered is that the original technology that was put into our building in 2005 has become dated and needs to be upgraded. A couple examples of this are many of our stage lights have burned out and our projectors are obsolete and in need of replacement. Repair and replacement for these items is especially difficult because of the ladders that are needed to access them, making maintenance of our old technology difficult.

We on the leadership team wanted to let you know that in the next weeks and months we are going to be doing some much needed work to our facility in the areas of lighting, sound, and streaming technology. We have come to realize that these improvements will cost thousands of dollars, but we feel that we can’t afford not to do them as we look to the present and to the future of reaching our community for Jesus.

This letter is being sent to you to inform you of what is coming and to let you know that if you feel led to give over and above your giving to the Lord, we will put these resources to good use.

Thank you for your prayers, your love for Jesus, and your faithful service to this Jesus community at Woodbridge.


The Leadership Team of Woodbridge Community Church