Our next Message Series will be “Experiencing God”, based on the book with the same title written by Henry Blackaby. It starts on September 13 up to November 29, for 12 Sundays, corresponding to the 12 unit topics in the book.

Each Unit teaching comes with a 5-day devotional following the Sunday teaching, which we will encourage everyone to go through personally or with their families. There is an Experiencing God study for children and youth, that will also be covered in our Children and Youth ministries.

You may start getting a copy of the book. It retails for $15.99 and the fastest way to get it is through Amazon. (Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime). ISBN# 978141585838 ORDER BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE

If you are part of a Growth Group that meets mid-week, you may also want to consider starting the devotional the week before the Sunday teaching so you’ve done the 5-day devotionals when you discuss the Unit topic in your groups.

If you do not have a growth group you can still do the devotional on your own. However, we strongly recommend that you join an existing group or form a new one if needed. Online sign-ups available below.