Message Title: A Silent Night, A Not So Silent Day

Key verses:

Luke 4:14-21; Isaiah 61:1-2

Sermon Notes:

Comparing Jesus’ First Coming to His second:

  1. In His First Coming, there were sporadic angelic appearances.
  2. At His Second, there will be an angelic army.
  3. In His First Coming, He came in weakness and humility.
  4. At His Second Coming, it will be in power and great glory.
  5. In His First Coming, He is the Lamb of God sent to save us.
  6. At His Second Coming, He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah sent to rule over His creation.
  7. In His First Coming, few were there to meet
  8. At His Second Coming, the kingdoms of the world will come to meet Him.
  9. There are more prophecies about His Second Coming recorded in the Scriptures than His First.

Follow-up Questions from Sunday’s Message:

Getting to Know You:

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Quick Review:
Looking back on last Sunday’s message and your notes, what was the most meaningful part for you?

Digging Deeper:

  1. Read Lk 1:1-22. What do these passages tell you about angels and the personality of the angel Gabriel?
  2. Read Lk 2:8-15. What do these passages tell you about angels?
  3. Read Daniel 10:4-21. What do these passages tell you about angels?

Prayer request:

Thank God this week for the good things He has done and continues to do in your life.