The Word Speaks

The Word Speaks


Do you want to be challenged to go back to the basics of the Christian faith, and learn how to submit, surrender, and be obedient to God? Would you be willing to engage our culture rather than be compromised by our culture and context?

● The Word Speaks studies the Word of God in the cultural context in which the Word was spoken.

● The message of the scriptures is eternal and unchanging.

● The circumstances and conditions of the people of the Bible are unique to their times.

● So, we more clearly understand God’s truth when we know the cultural context within which He spoke and acted.

● This will deepen our appreciation of God’s Word

● When our appreciation is deepened, our actions are strengthened.

We meet on Wednesday mornings beginning on Sept. 18th, from 9:00 am – 11:00 am

In the Family Life Center

If you have any questions:

Renee Clark: [email protected]

Cynda Winans: [email protected]

Al Yamashita: [email protected]