FollowUp 2-08-17

Message Title: To avoid shipwreck we need Good officers to lead us!
Series: Shipwreck

Key verses:
1 Timothy 1:18-19, Eph 4:11-14

Sermon Notes:
Q. What is the purpose of officers/ leaders on our ship of faith?
1. To equip the crew for the work of service. Eph 4:12.
2. Protecting the unity of the Spirit. v. 13
3. Building up the crew to be seasoned mature sailors. v. 13
4. Protecting the course of our faith from bad teaching. v. 14
5. Doctrine is important. v. 14

Q. What are the requirements of officers in Christ’s navy?
6. They have to be motivated by love for Christ! Jn 21:15
7. They have to be people who live out Godly character.

Q. How should the crew respond to its officers/leadership?
8. Honor them. 1 Tim 5:17
9. Appreciate them. 1 Thess 5:12-13
10. Listen to them. Heb 13:17

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