FollowUp 2-27-18

Message Title:  Visions of the Future and the Miracle of Prophecy

Series: Visions of the Future

Key verses:  Daniel 8:20-21

Sermon Notes:

Daniel Ch 8 predicts:

  1. The coming of the Medo-Persian Empire by name before it came to power. (Daniel 8:20)
  2. The coming of the Greek Empire by name before it came to power. (Daniel 8:21)
  3. The coming of the Jewish revolt against the Greeks before it happened. (Dan 8:13-14)


How does the Bible do this?

  1. The God of the Bible is real.
  2. Jesus says that prophecy is persuasive for faith.


Follow-up questions from Sunday:

Icebreaker: As you look at the current events of the world, are you an optimist or a pessimist?

  1. What are your impressions of Daniel chapter 7 and 8 which has been shared these last two weeks by Pastor Frank? Why do you think God had Daniel write these two chapters?  How do you think God has used these last two chapters to speak to His people for the last 2,500 years?
  2. It is said that every person, even an atheist, has some degree of faith. Do you agree with this?  How do you know that what you believe is true?  What evidence or facts do you stand on in believing in Jesus?
  3. Read Acts 9:20-22,17:1-4, 26:21-28, 28:23-24. From the moment the Apostle Paul/Saul became a believer in Jesus, he would use prophecy in Scripture to persuade people to faith.  How has prophecy been used to persuade you to faith early in your journey and today?  Have you ever used prophecy to share your faith with others?  Why do you think that some people aren’t persuaded by prophecy?  Please share.
  4. Read Daniel 7:28, Daniel 8:27, John 21:18-19. There are times when God trusts us enough to reveal that difficult times are ahead.  Daniel was horrified at what God was telling him was going to happen to his people, and Jesus told Peter how he was going to die.  Has God ever trusted you enough to reveal hard things to you and how did you deal with it?  How did it affect your relationship with God?
  5. When God looks at the current events of the world do you think He is an optimist or a pessimist?

End your time praying for each other.

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