FollowUp 3-29-17

Message Title: How Do We Know That Christianity Is True?
Series: How Do You Know?

Key verses: John 14:6-9; 10:7-10; Romans 8:18-21; 5:12-17; John 1:1-14; John 3:3-8; 2 Cor. 5:16-17

Sermon Notes:

1. God writes His law on our hearts so that we would have the lives we were meant to have, and so that we would find our way to Him.
2. Christianity is the correct answer to the question of how we find God and receive the new life He offers us.
a. Religious systems other than Christianity try to provide an explanation for his moral law, but fall short of the truth.
b. Moral evil and natural disaster provide a driving context for people to find and freely choose the Creator, and for Him to reveal His love.
c. Our free will is insufficient to lead us to moral perfection. All it can do is lead us to the One who offers it to us.
3. God made new life possible by becoming a man and covering our moral shortfall at the cost of His own morally perfect life.

4. In Christ we have new life—spiritual life. We are born again. We are a new creation.

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