FollowUp 5-15-18

Message Title:  Walking on Water
Series:  Signs

Key verse:
John 6:12-20

Sermon Notes

Signs are designed to communicate. This third sign tells us that:

  1. God has the power and authority to walk wherever He wants on His creation even if it’s H20.
  2. His ways are higher than ours.
  3. Our faith will be tested by God.
  4. When He is out of our sight, we are never out of His.
  5. When Jesus sends you into the storm keep rowing.


Follow-up Questions from Sunday:

Getting to Know You:
What was the most  frightening  weather  you have ever been in?

Quick Review:
Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything you heard for the first time or that caught your attention, challenged, or confused you?

Digging Deeper:

  1. Read John 6:12-20. In this section, John recorded two amazing signs that Jesus performed (feeding of the 5,000 and walking on water) in less than 24 hours.  These signs threw the disciples across a wide range of human emotions from excitement and anticipation to confusion, fear, and astonishment.  Have you ever experienced this in your spiritual journey with Jesus?  Please share.  In looking back on that time, did you ever discover what God was teaching you?
  2. In these two signs, the disciples were struggling with what they expected Jesus to be and do. In your own spiritual journey, how has your understanding/perceptions of Jesus changed over the years?
  3. Read Matthew 14:21-24, Proverbs 3:5-6. Pastor Frank believes Jesus went up on that mountain and was praying for the disciples in the boat.  Do you agree or disagree? What do you think Jesus was praying for?  When Jesus sees you and prays for you, what do you think He sees and prays for?
  4. What was the greatest storm you ever went through in your life and how did Jesus speak to you in it?
  5. Read John 6:5-6, James 1:2-4, 1 Peter 1:3-7 and Galatians 6:7-8. What do you think the difference is between being tested by God and reaping what we sow in our poor decisions?  Have you ever seen a person confuse these two?
  6. Read John 6:16-20. Where in your life do you need Jesus to say, “It is I, don’t be afraid”?

Taking it Home:

What is one thing you can apply to your life from this message and how can this group remember you in prayer this week?

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