FollowUp 9-19-17

Message Title: One Another

Series: Questions

Key verses:  Gen 3:6-13, John 16:33

Sermon Notes:


In the Garden of Eden:

  1. There is not a need; everything is provided.
  2. There is no death, crying, pain, guilt, or shame.
  3. There is perfect love between God and human beings.
  4. There is perfect love between all human beings.
  5. Everything was happening there that you and I wish was happening today.

Why do bad things happen?

  1. Because we live in a fallen world.
  2. Because we are children of fallen parents.
  3. Because we use our freedom to make bad choices.
  4. Because sometimes we receive the consequences of another’s bad choices.

Follow up questions from Sunday:

Icebreaker: Where is the most beautiful, peaceful place you have traveled/seen in the world?

1)  Read over the sermon notes 1-5. When you look at and study the Garden of Eden in Gen 2, what does it reveal to you about the heart of God for us?

2)  In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve make a poor decision to not trust God and in the end it had/has huge  consequences for all of God’s creation to this day. What do you think it says about the nature of God when He holds people (made in His image) morally responsible for their choices?

3)  Read Gen 3:11-13. When Adam and Eve are first confronted by God for what they had done, they tried to pass the blame. What do you think this reveals about our fallen nature?  Why do you think it’s so difficult for the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve to take responsibility for their poor decisions?  Can you think of a time when you tried to blame someone else for a mistake you made? Please share.

4)  Read John 16:33.  What do you think Jesus means when He says He has overcome the world?

5)  Read Isaiah 11:1-9 & Romans 8:19-22. The restoration of the world is tied to the revealing of God’s Messiah (Jesus) and His people at the end of the age. What are some things in this world that will be healed?

6)  Read Revelation 21:1-5. When you read these words and what God’s ultimate plan is for dealing with human brokenness and suffering, what does this reveal to you about the heart of God for us?

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