Mid Week Message 7-10-19

Message Title: A Wake Up Call

Series: Messengers

Key verses:
Joel 1:1-5


Sermon Notes:


  1. The prophet Joel describes a locust invasion which he sees as a judgment of God.
  2. The prophet Joel has been called the prophet of revival and the prophet of Pentecost.



  1. The prophet Joel is God’s voice in the midst of suffering and confusion.
  2. The prophet Joel can teach us how to respond to disaster.
  3. How to learn from disaster
  • They learned something of the provision of God.
  • They learned something of the power of God.
  1. How to live with disaster
  • Hold on to the hope of restoration
  • Hold on to the promise of his sovereignty




  1. What does it take to rouse you from sleep: two alarms?
  2. What memories do you have of waking up – a cold shower?
  3. What is the closest you have come to experiencing famine or plague conditions?
  4. Describe a situation when you had a real “wake-up” call in your life and how did it affect you?
  5. What various groups does Joel address? (Joel 1:2-14)
  6. Why does Joel emphasize hearing and re-telling? (verses 2-3)
  7. The joy of Judah was linked to external circumstances. on a scale of 1 (never) to 10
    (always) how often is that true of you?
  8. When your joy has withered, what or who has God used to renew it?
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