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Every time I turn on my computer I see pictures of the great times and amazing people I left in Irvine and it can be hard at times to not be overcome by the feeling of nostalgia. It’s been more than a month since I left, but since then, I have felt blessed to have seen and experienced His love in tangible ways. During my first two weeks, I lived with my buddy in a rural town south of where I am and celebrated with him his marriage ceremony and the New Year. Toward the end of my stay, I sat down with him and continued our conversation about the Son saying that I wished him happiness in his marriage, hope for healthy twins and smooth birth (his wife is due in April), but more than anything I shared with him how to know the Son and have a relationship with him. After that, not much discussion followed and it was a little awkward. I ask for boldness and request for His grace to work powerfully in my friend’s life.

Following the time with my friend, Father has encouraged me during difficult times of physical illness and nostalgia by sustaining me and sending people to help me transition to life in this city. From meeting friendly people at train stations and airports to being welcomed at a local fellowship and connected to an on-campus Word study, His love and provision is felt; Even today He has blessed me through recently acquainted friends who bought me cake and presents to celebrate my birthday.


If you would please be lifting up my studies of the language, that would be great. Wisdom from Him that language acquisition would come smoothly. Likewise, there are over 3,500 foreign students at the university who all speak English pretty well and I have met a good number of them. I believe this is the field I need to work in; there has already been “What’s the purpose and meaning of life” conversations with them. Please join me in requesting opportunities for impactful conversations!

Missing you all immensely but I am joyful for the blessing of being here and serving in this capacity! Thanks for joining me in His work.

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