Camille & Esther Ntoto: Africa New Day (AND), Congo

Ministry updates:
-Praise the Lord that building continues to go well at the Africa New Day Center! They were recently excited to meet with the architect and review plans for the “upcoming buildings to house extra classrooms, administrative offices, and a chapel.”
-They reviewed the organizational chart that would best help them to reach their goals. Unfortunately, some staff will need to be let go and reassigned. They write, “Please pray with us as this is a difficult but important process to be more effective.”
-They’ve also recently found a new location to house California guests when they come out! The place, called Kivu Lodge, is a good size and close to the AND Center.
The political climate in DR Congo right now was also under discussion. Congo has an “elected President,” but the government is still riddled with corruption and the end of a president’s term always comes with fears of bloodshed and strife rather than peaceful turnover of power.
The highest judiciary court in the land has recently ruled that the incumbent president is to stay in power until his successor is duly elected. This legally prolongs his term beyond the December 19th deadline, which is causing some stir in the country. Please pray it does not escalate.
Also, a very popular and wealthy former governor of the mineral rich Katanga province (state) has publicly announced his candidacy for president. That has caused a lot of turmoil in the power structure. Almost coincidently, the government is now accusing him of hiring US mercenaries to destabilize the country. He went to court three days in a row accompanied by major crowds. The last day, there were violent confrontations between police and protestors.
This accusation of the governor has suddenly made getting visas very difficult for the churches and other organizations from the US who partner with Africa New Day. It is a very frustrating situation and a diplomatic crisis! Several groups had planned to come for extended stays. Please pray this gets sorted out so their ministry partners can come see and contribute to the work in Congo.
Camille has had some stomach issues that plagued him recently. He is feeling better now. Esther on the other hand has some health challenges so please lift her up in prayer. Their life is so fast paced that prayers are always appreciated for health physically and emotionally.

Camille will also be in CA for a short trip this month, June. Pray for a safe and successful trip!

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