Dave & Joanne Beckwith: Standing Stone Ministry, Irvine CA

As Associates with Standing Stone Ministry, we care for pastors and their wives, as well as ministry leaders and church boards. We advocate for leader care within congregations. We also serve as mentors, providing week-long one-on-one retreats for ministry couples in need of refreshment, renewal, and re-focus, with emphasis on their marriage and ministry. Our desire is to care for pastors BEFORE there is a crisis.

WHY? Pastors are leaving the ministry in large numbers—1700 to 1800 each month in the US. Studies show that about half of pastors and wives are experiencing burn-out, a too-frantic schedule, and unrealistic expectations, reporting that ministry has been hazardous to their family health. Unresolved conflicts within the church cause them pain and drain joy and passion. Pastors’ wives in large numbers (around 80%) are discouraged or depressed, don’t have a close friend or mentor, and feel unappreciated by their churches. The spiritual warfare a pastoral couple faces is brutal and depleting as they take a stand for truth. No wonder Satan strategizes to take them down. Moral failure and ruined marriages can result. Strike the shepherd, scatter the sheep. Destroy a church leader, destroy the church.

HOW WE HELP. We offer our friendship and support to pastors and ministry leaders and their wives in Southern California. By having a trusted, confidential relationship outside of their congregation, they have a place to process pain and discouragement and to seek counsel to deal with crisis situations with someone who understands. We also work with church boards as requested and do crisis intervention in churches. Since we minister on a support basis, we provide our services without charge.

HOW YOU CAN HELP. Share in this ministry by joining our Rapid Response Prayer Team. We email urgent requests for immediate prayer. Email Joanne to be added to our team. You will also receive our ministry updates. If this ministry touches your heart, please join our Support Team. Visit the website www.standingstoneministry.org. Select Donate/Associates Support/Dave’s account or send checks to Standing Stone Ministry, 270 Baker Street East, Suite 100, Costa Mesa, CA 92625 (attach a note with our names). Donations are tax deductible. Contact Information:

[email protected] [email protected]

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