Eric & Lyn Taylor: Makanalani Camp, Kawaii, Hawaii

Young Life Oahu is in the midst of preparing for our 1st annual local YoungLives camp. YoungLives is one ministry of Young Life that reaches teen mommy by entering their world, striving to model the unconditional love of Christ and encouraging them to be the women and mothers that God created them to be.
This ministry is designed to empower and equip teen moms to become productive citizens in the community. YoungLives teams up with mature Christian women to provide teen girls in crisis with timely encouragement, guidance, and ongoing support.

> Hawaii ranks among the highest states for teen pregnancies
> Teens who become pregnant are less likely to graduate from high school, with
only 32 percent of teen mothers obtaining a diploma by the age of 30
> They are more likely to have another pregnancy before graduating high school
and their child is more likely to be a teen parent themselves, abused or
neglected, or be placed in foster care

While the statistics can be disheartening, YoungLives in Hawaii has resolved to make a difference. This year, Makanalani will host our 1st annual local YoungLives camp on Mar. 21-25. Mentors accompany teen moms and their babies to camp for a break from the chaos of their daily struggles. Teen moms will have the chance to be pampered with a spa day, play games, sing songs, share meals together, take surf lessons, hike, learn about nutrition for themselves and their babies and much more. Most importantly, with their physical and childcare needs met, teen moms are immersed in the love of God and can focus on their future.
In Mark 2, a paralyzed mean is carried to Jesus on a mat because his friends knew he was desperate for a healer. Jesus cared about more than just his physical brokenness. Jesus cared about the man’s heart. The same is rue of our teen moms. Their brokenness is obvious, perhaps more obvious than other teenagers as they endure sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and all the challenges that come with being a single parent. Jesus cares about their obvious brokenness, as well as their hearts. Here at Makanalani, we are excited in bringing teen moms to the feet of Jesus. Please join us in carrying their mats!

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