Pastor Glenn & Sue are missionaries to Japan & Asia with Christians in Action Missions International (CINAMI). Glenn served in the US military for 21 years as a pilot & Sue is a Registered Nurse. Both have pastor(ed) Yomitan International Church in Okinawa, Japan for 21 years now. The couple has 7 children (2 biological & 5 adopted).

Pastor Glenn is the VP of CINAMI, the Far East Director & the Field Director for Japan. He oversees 2 other churches in Okinawa & 12 other churches in Asia. Both Glenn & Sue are affiliated with 3 pastor organizations in Okinawa. Sue also heads the Board of Directors for Okinawa Christian School (the only international Christian school on Okinawa).

Pastor Glenn is also the director of Asian Relief & Medical Services (ARMS) which conducts medical & dental outreaches to the poor & needy in Asia. They regularly go to the Philippines & Cambodia each year providing medical & dental care along with the gospel message to over 5-6,000 people annually. They have reached out to over 100,000 people in the course of 20 years & seen over 50,000 people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord. Their efforts are key in supporting poorer churches, missionaries & planting churches wherever they conduct their outreaches.

Recently, they have expanded their ARMS missions into Latin America & South America. This past year they sent a team to Columbia & ministered to over 2,500 people. This year in April they will travel to Palawan & minister to a Muslim nomadic fishermen tribe & to original mountain tribes of the Philippines. In August they will reach out to the poorest of the poor in Guatemala. In the near future they will go to Myanmar in support of the Christian churches. Their goal is to expand ARMS into Africa, Lord willing.

Japan (pop: 129 million) is one of the least reached nations in the world with less than 1% Christian. It is heavily influenced by Buddhism & Shinto-ism (basically emperor & ancestor worship). The churches on the whole are very small and to some extent ineffective. The language is very difficult to master & provides a challenge for any outsider. We work with translators & train Christian workers to reach out to the Okinawan & Japanese people.

Pastor Glenn and Sue are deeply grateful for your prayers & support.

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