In a letter that Sue Kennedy wrote to our Missions Committee on behalf of herself and her husband, Glenn, it is evident that their lives provide a wonderful reflection of what a heart for Jesus looks like. Both Glenn and Sue are very active in the business of church planting for Christians In Action Missions International (CINA) which is based in Okinawa, Japan. Glenn also takes part in medical missions through Asian Relief Medical Services (ARMS). These are the specific points she shared in her letter.

Back in July, due to a typhoon that passed through where their home church and mission building are located, there was a deluge of mud and sewer water entering those complexes. The damage and losses from this were around $40,000. They are slowly recovering but not quite out of the woods yet.
Sue happens to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Okinawa Christian School and has a prayer request for the school to overcome financial issues, more students, filling a Missionary Elementary Principal position and the allowance of God to work through her.
Two miraculous healings for a man and a woman who part of their congregation. One (the woman) of them had a torn ACL that healed on its own (so the non-believers might think, but she and we know God was behind that). She shared that an ACL tear can only be repaired by surgery .
Recent Activities & What Lies Ahead

Glenn shared about how he’ll be slowing down in the future and delegating things such as a recent medical mission trip to Cambodia in which 2 team members oversaw the operation. Glenn will participate in an upcoming medical mission trip to the Philippines either this month (December) or in January. In April he’ll be on a planned outreach trip to visit local pastors and missionaries in the field in Asia. A future site for outreach that he is asking preliminary prayer for will be in Miramar (Burma) in 2015 or 2016.

Sue recently returned from a trip to Israel along with a translator from their church. We look forward to hearing about the details later. She will also be traveling to Kobe (Japan) in May of 2015 to take part in the Japan Family Gathering and is asking for prayer that language will not be an issue.

In the closing of the letter Sue shared about an article that she read regarding the first Muslim friendly hotel that opened in Nago, Japan. She sensed that the article was not portraying the truth in terms of the motive behind the article. She asks that we pray “that the enemy’s tactics and strategies be uncovered and thwarted”.

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