The serendipitous prayer…
As we were waiting to be called into the doctor’s office, we received this message from a long time ministry partner in Japan. I got the strong urge to pray for something I don’t know about. As I was praying, I thought God was telling me something so I wrote it down.

Be ready for an intense battle. Get ready with prayer. Get ready to win. Be ready to surely win this battle. Don’t go back. Do not go back. Just move forward, move forward praising. Move forward rejoicing, just move forward with praise. The enemy is in our hands. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord as this battle is not yours but God’s. Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose heart. Be courageous because you are going to win. You are going to win this battle.

The Battle…
We soon discovered our battle. Yesterday’s MRI result confirmed that Bola has ovarian cancer. She is scheduled for a biopsy surgery on March 10. Chemo therapy will happen soon after. There is never a good time to be sick nor is there an easy way to share it with others. We are processing this as well. We do not want to live in fear. Rather, we choose to live by faith in the care and comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bola writes:
Many eyes are on us as we serve in Japan – many whose eyes still do not acknowledge the One who gave His Life for them. We want this journey to matter for Christ! We are confident in His presence, His care, His peace, His strength, His comfort & His provisions of all our possible needs. We want everyone to know that He is available for them too.

At this point Bola is getting top-notch medical care and her needs will be taken cared of in this environment. We are amazed at the speed and excellent care that we are receiving for which we are most grateful.

Pray for Bola’s healing. Pray for Dr. Katase and his medical team. Pray that we do not grow weary but remain strong in the Lord. We need the Lord to intervene in every area of our lives. We are in desperate need of your prayers.

Keeping on…
This is the 15th year anniversary of Hallelujah Gospel Family (HGF). We are just about to start the Spring semester. After 33 years of doing music and live performances together, we are finally doing our own Jazz CD. Pray for Bola as her recording is the day before she enters the hospital.

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