Tim Nash, Tecate, Mexico

Dear Prayer Supporters,

Happy new year and thank you so much for what you do for this ministry. Prayer is a vital part and involves people from all over the world into the work that God is doing here in Tecate. Thank you for that. We are off to an interesting start to this year and have many things beginning to line up for this coming year. Please pray for some of the following:

1. Please pray as my team is branching out and starting their own ministries this year. They are currently finishing their ministry plans and looking for and building their own teams. They are excited and it is interesting to see how the ministries are aligned with Vision72 and what God we see is doing in the bigger picture in Tecate. Please pray for this, that the Lord would bless, protect, and help grow the ministries to bring much glory to Himself and lasting fruit. We have 6 ministries identified, 3 that we are implementing now including

a. A ministry to Christian business men and women, to help formulate and establish their vision with a Kingdom purpose and promote Godly living and principles.

b. A ministry to help align or realign a Christian leader’s calling according to their gifts, passion and purpose for which they were created.

c. A ministry that sends out messages and devotionals written by one of our team members to the citizens of Tecate.

2. Please pray for the incorporation of our ministry as a non-prophet. That the Lord would guide as we formalize in this way.

3. Please pray as we are looking for and selecting to rent an event center. We’ve located one that is “super bien” in the heart of Tecate that can host up to 500 people. This will help cut on expenses and give us a “home base” to call people together to on neutral ground. Please pray for direction, discernment, timing and finances to pay for such a facility.

4. Please pray as we coordinate Wagener Leadership Institute to come down to Tecate again to do a conference the 27 of February. Please pray as we look for the participants, that God would lead us to the correct people and start a movement in the area of business with Kingdom purpose in this city.

5. Overall please pray for wisdom, protection, blessing and most importantly filling of God’s spirit this year in my heart and in the heart of my team, that the Lord would fill us and we would work with passion and freedom.

Thank you for your continued prayers! Please stay in touch.

Tim Nash

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