Mid Week Message 8-6-19

Message Title: Another Wake-Up Call

Series: Messengers

Key verses:

Malachi 2:1-16


Sermon Notes:

  1. In the Religious Realm. Failure of the priests and Levites
    The Warning v. 1-6
    Failure to render glory to God would result in a curse upon them
    What God expected of the priests vs 7-9
    They were to be men of integrity and devotion with a strong influence on the lives of others
  2. In the Social Realm – failure of the people
    The main complaint God has with His people is that they have been unfaithful in fulfilling their vows to him.
    Faithless is a word that dominates this passage- it appears five times.
    Someone once asked: “what in the world has got into the church?”
    The answer: The world has got into the church.


Digging Deeper:

  1. Did you ever refuse to do what someone in authority asked? What happened to you?
  2. Why is the Lord so tough on the priests? What was the effect of their actions on others?
  3. Has anyone ever stumbled in their faith due to what you did or did not do? Describe how you felt and what did you do to change that?
  4. Were you ever jilted by anyone while dating? What made you jealous or hurt?
  5. What are some of the things God points out in this passage that displease Him?
  6. What do you need to put right with God so that you may receive His blessings?



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