Hello WCC!!!!!

Prior to leaving WCC, I told P. Danny the request I was asking Father for concerning 2015. The past month-and-a-half has been uncomfortable but life-building for me. It started when I received an email back home saying that my father was rushed to the ICU. Because of the time difference and issues with internet, I wasn’t able to have/receive regular updates from him causing me lots of stress. This was followed by a period of discouragement and frustration with life here; it turns out the language here is difficult to learn (haha!). Lastly, I miss my family and yall so much! I left behind an amazing group in Woodbridge, Irvine. He’s comforted and supported me through periods of loneliness and periods where I start to question his purpose for guiding me here.

However, I’ve likewise been blessed with experiencing His working. The most memorable moment was when my good friend, the one I met 3 years ago, went to his wedding this past February, and who just had twin girls as I mentioned earlier, called and told me he has been indefinitely suspended from his job. As I was trying to comfort him and distract him from the stress of now being a possibly unemployed father of newly-born twins, he said to me that he has wondered about whether or not to believe in the “Son” that I believe in. WOW!! A commitment wasn’t made then but that is a big step from when I last talked to him!!! Please continue to lift him up!

P requests: “just Him!” Not focusing on finding His will or loving Him more. Just J—-. Thanks P. Danny! Also, praise for His grace in my life and answered p. for recovery for my dad. Likewise, I would like to praise Him for the blessing me with an amazingly loving family and friends!

P.S. After much thought, p., and talking with family, I committed to another semester of language learning.AHH!See yall in January. He is good, always! I hope you are well!Goodbye!

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