KidZ at Heart International is a non-profit organization that exists to reach kids around the world for Christ by equipping people to effectively evangelize and disciple children in their own communities. “Project Leaders” from North America conduct annual Equipping Conferences in over 20 countries to train local leaders how to do this.

The Honduras KidZ at Heart team has been busy making their final preparations for their trip to Honduras from June 12-22, 2015. During this time, the team will be training attendees in two locations: Tegucigalpa and La Concepcion. This will be the second year KidZ at Heart will train in these locations. Last year’s training was attended by 100 leaders and volunteers, and more are expected this year.

The Honduras team will partner with two local pastors from these two locations: Pastor Alfredo and Pastor Freddy, whose ministry to children in Honduras is extensive. Please pray for these pastors. Not only do they work with the children in their own churches, they also work with more than 200 children in their community through Compassion International.

New elements to this year’s trip to Honduras are:

the KidZ Ministry Equipping Conferences will be conducted only during the two weekends to allow the attendees to do their normal work during the week, which now additionally allows
the Honduras team to work with Heart to Honduras during the week to help build a house for a local family.
Please pray for the Honduras KidZ at Heart team. To join other KidZ at Heart teams on short-term trips, please visit www.kidzatheart.org or email Pat McWhorter at [email protected]

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