Back in 2012 when we hosted an open house to share about the missionaries that WCC supports, two of the missionaries that we shared about were Benjamin & Judith Musyoka of Breakthrough Partners. At that time they were helping to raise funds for a water supply project in Kenya, where they reside and work. This past November we received a letter from them explaining what the Lord has led them to do.

Outreach to Mombasa

Benjamin teaches at a local university in Kenya. Some of his students recently took part in a door-to-door outreach in Mombasa, the 2nd largest city in Kenya. This is an area that is predominantly Muslim and dangerous enough to have driven out open air preaching of God’s Word and caused churches to be guarded by police during worship hours.

Benjamin taught 2 different classes this past semester at the theology university on Spiritual Formation and Foundations of Christian Leadership. He asks for prayers for financial support and for God’s wisdom and knowledge as he teaches and mentors young students.

Judith and the Youth Ministry

Judith is now the full-time pastor at a rural village church in Makongo and it is truly a church of young people. She too has been led by the Lord to mentor the youth in such a way that they have begun to take leadership roles in not only putting on the church worship services but also being key components in leading peers to give their lives to Christ. Just recently, Judith organized a 5-day youth camp at her former high school. Approximately 500 young people from 5 other local churches of other denominations attended. Please pray that God will begin stirring the hearts of those who attended who does not have Christ yet so that they might accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Additional Prayer Needs

The Goat Project III

This is a project that just completed its 3rd phase of providing goats to needy families as their source of income. The initial phase planted 14 goats to 7 families. The 2nd phase planted 60 goats to 25 needy families and this most recent phase placed 100 goats to 38 families. Please pray that this wonderful ministry will continue to thrive.

Training of Sunday-School Teachers

Benjamin and Judith are asking for prayer as it relates to getting funds to gain transport, accommodations, and materials for at least 50 teachers to be trained to be Sunday-School teachers. They are looking at February of 2015 as their goal for this to take place.

Financial Support

The last prayer request is for the financial support that is required for Benjamin and Judith to continue doing what God has called them to do. Please pray that the Lord will provide them with the provisioning that they need so that they can not only support themselves but also support the different projects that they take part in as missionaries.

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