Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 is the famous chapter in which King David speaks about a time for everything. While it is not written in this chapter, it is implied that there is a time for working in the field and a time for rest. For Dr. George Cowan, the father of our recent visiting missionary who spoke to the WCC congregation, Ruth Cowan and her sister, Esther Cowan who we support as well (Campus Crusade for Christ International, otherwise known as Cru), his current life entails restful days in Florida at the youthful age of 98 (turning 99 this month of February). Dr. Cowan served from 1957 to 1981 as President of Wycliffe Bible Translators and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Summer Institute Linguistics (SIL). His other duties put him in charge of areas covering Europe, Africa, Mexico, Canada, and Germany among other places. In his letter that he wrote (with the help of Esther) to the WCC Missionary Committee he shared the following:

While his health limits him to a lesser schedule than what he normally was used to (whirlwind would be a good word for that), he has been finding time to do quite a bit for a youngster of his age. He recently moved into a more conducive apartment within the retirement complex that he has been at for the last 5 years. Ruth stays with him there while Esther visits on a very regular basis as well. He has also been taking in visits from his long list of family members with jaunts to attractions like Wild Florida. He even went on an airboat ride to look for alligators and other animals native to Florida waters!

George has been keeping busy with things such as taking in an Arabian horse show, watching the curling events from this past Winter Olympics (he used to curl), and attending a couple of organ concerts at big beautiful local churches. He’s taken in some other musical concerts at his church that he attends as well. His local social life included meeting with a resident whom he found to have been a school-mate with his older brother. They ended up eating out for a Christmas dinner at a local restaurant to share stories.

Ever the book reader, George has been busy reading books that Ruth and Esther provide for him. He’s been reading up on things such as biographies of D.L. Moody and former President George H.W. Bush, written by his son, former President George W. Bush.

As his letter wound down George gave a glimpse of the character that this wonderful servant of God has. While his prayer requests for “daily living and communicating with people” were given to us he also made a point to say, “Do let me know….how we can pray for you”. Dr. George Cowan, how can we not love you and pray for you?

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