Dear friends,
Our country is once again in a state of mourning because of terrorism. Last week on Thursday, April 2, at least four heavily armed terrorists invaded a public university with 850 students at 5:30 am while most of them were asleep and killed 142 students plus five other people. This university is a 4-hour drive from our own. The first group of students killed
were 12 university Christian union leaders who had just gathered at the university chapel to
pray. The terrorists separated Muslim students from the Christian ones & then mauled down
the Christians with their machine guns. Our country declared three days of national

Scott Christian University where I am serving as the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is a small one with about 600 students but growing. Being a Christian university makes
it stand out as a possible target. Our students & staff are worried but so is every other
university in Kenya (private or public). Please continue to pray with us.

Church leadership training

Despite the challenges we are facing, we know God is in control and we will continue to do the work of the ministry as if nothing is happening. On March 28, I had an opportunity to conduct a one day leadership seminar for one of the largest and oldest Africa Inland Church in Machakos County just 60 kilometers from Nairobi. I explained to them that the local church ministry should, for all practical purposes, have three areas of ministry to focus on: Outreach to non-believers; Discipleship of believers; and Community services to all for the common good of humanity. I asked the leaders to list all their local church ministries. They listed 11 of them. I then asked them to place those ministries into the best category where they fitted and all the 11 fitted into the category of discipleship. They discovered that their local church placed no emphasis on outreach or community service!

Pray that these leaders will catch the vision for outreach & community service for we are the light of world called to reach the world not merely through biological growth but through aggressive evangelism and service to humanity.

Transport challenges

Continue to pray for our transport needs. Just about two years ago we bought a used truck which is now 9 years old but a type that has a proven record of reliability in the most hostile terrains like the ones we often find ourselves in. At this time something went wrong with our truck and we need to raise around $4,000 to replace the dead engine.

Continue to also pray for our personal monthly financial support. It has been shrinking even though our work has been expanding!

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