Praise God for those who are out in the mission field helping others to meet, know and follow Jesus. Back in March 8, Pastor Glenn visited WCC and gave a short report of God’s work. The Kennedy’s are church planters under Christians In Action Missions International (CINA) based in Okinawa, Japan. Pastor Glenn also takes part in medical missions through Asian Relief Medical Services (ARMS), which is one of the ministries under the umbrella of CINA.

Sue reports that she and Glenn have “felt the spiritual atmosphere changing” and the need for “keeping our eyes on Jesus”. Here are some of the highlights that are going on with them. They shared a few praise and prayer requests which included a vacationing Chinese father of a congregant to his first visit in church. Praise that the hand of God led him there and pray that this father will, in time, be saved. They wrote about an ARMS trip to Palawan (Philippines) where a Muslim migrant fishing village turned down an offer from a Muslim group to have a mosque built. Why? The village wanted to work with the Christians instead. This village will be one of the sites for an ARMS visit this year. Please pray for those who will be planning and going on that trip. More prayers are asked by Pastor Glenn and Sue for the planning and conducting of a medical mission trip by a team to Guatemala. Praise was shared about how the CINA headquarters continues to become more financially and organizationally sound. This will translate into more opportunities to train missionaries, which in turn will help grow the Kingdom of God. Prayer is asked for one of the sub-organizations of the ARMS ministry that the Lord will clearly lead them to bear additional fruit over and above what it is currently producing. Pray as well for miraculous healing of a Japanese woman battling cancer who insisted on being baptized. In a similar manner to what was just voted on at WCC regarding total immersion baptisms, she had to be sprinkled (generously) with water in baptism. Praise was shared for a resolution to a personal issue regarding a contractor’s repairs at Glenn and Sue’s home that ended favorably for them.Pray for Sue as challenges come with being the Chairman of the Board for Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI). Lastly, please pray for one of Pastor Glenn’s translators who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

In one of Pastor Glenn’s trips to Cambodia which is a predominantly Buddhist country (Nov. 2014 through ARMS), a breakthrough took place. There is a story preserved in their ancient writings where Buddha prophesied of a Holy One who would come and save them from their sins. Pastor Glenn and his fellow ARMS missionaries brought to them The One who is able to forgive and save people from their sins. The group witnessed that the “truth” of Buddhism does in fact lead to Jesus Christ. Now that is quite a praise report!

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