Ken and Bola Taylor have been a part of World Venture Missionaries in Japan since 1997. Their main functions have been:

Church Planting Movements
Innovative Ministries
Choir Update:

For those who have met the Taylors, the first thing that you think of them is music. You don’t just think of any kind of music but you think of beautiful music. The Taylors came up with the idea of using Black Gospel Choir music as the means of touching the hearts of the Japanese people who have never met, known, or followed Jesus. This was something that was reported in an update back in 2010 and now fast forward to 2015, the latest update that they have provided speaks of an upcoming HGF (Hallelujah Gospel Family) Choir 15th Year Celebration Concert this July. 70 choirs with over 1,000 Japanese members from all over Japan are rehearsing with over 400 choir members gathering for the concert.
Prayer Request: Pray for Ken and his staff to begin to plan and prepare in the bridging of believers and non-believers as well as sharing Jesus to all.

Update on Bola:

Bola was diagnosed with cancer early this year (previously shared in March). The cancer and its subsequent treatments have definitely wreaked havoc on Bola’s body but not her spirit or love for God. She said in a letter that, “The Lord has been gracious” and “has seen me through a lot and has begun His incredible ministry of healing to my ailing body”. She and Ken have received support on different levels from believing and non-believing Japanese friends. One aspect of her cancer is that she has become aware of it being a means for witnessing to the doctors and nurses that she otherwise might not have come to know unless she became stricken with cancer. Is she feeling sorry for herself? Her letter states quite the opposite as she wrote, “He is a master of transforming beauty out of ashes. He has obviously called us to another kind of deployment amongst the many people whose lives He allows us to touch”. Chemo treatment #3 had begun (May 19th) which aims to shrink the tumors and kill the minute cancer cells before her scheduled surgery on July 7.

Bola’s prayer request:

“Pray for our ministry to our Oncologists and nurses. Pray that they will see the Lord Jesus in our lives. They have all become precious to our hearts. Please continue to pray for our children as they tread these difficult waters with us.”

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