Mission Movers: Eric & Lyn Taylor – Makanalani Kids, Kauai, HI

We have had an amazing October here at Makanalani and we have seen God at work in the lives of so many.

Early in the month a group of pastors from several churches in Kauai met for three days and enjoyed a time of fellowship as well as being refreshed & energized.

Following was a group from Oahu. Navigators brought young military men & women who serve in Oahu to Makanalani for a time of getting into the Word and serving. These young adults ages 19-25 from all over the mainland. Some come from very difficult situations & Navigators does a great job of mentoring & teaching them about God’s love.

Next group were the leaders and support staff for Camp Agape. A great Christian organization who serve the kids of parents who are incarcerated. They had just completed a camp & were able to take time to regroup & prepare for 2017. The group included young adults being mentored and trained up.

As the Camp Agape people left; 24 beautiful young women arrived. All “beautifully flawed” as the camp was called due to amputation of limbs. Friends of Bethany (Bethany Hamilton of Soul Surfer) brought these amazing young people to Kauai from all over the USA. It was very humbling experience to meet these courageous young women see how they were able to use the adversity & turn it into an opportunity to show how they were loved by God.

Moms in Prayer group arrived as they were packing up which was very quick turn over! The island is small and many of the moms stepped in to help them pack up and clean. The power of prayer for our children, both young and adult, is amazing. The Hawaiian islands is fortunate to have a group of very passionate leaders for Moms in Prayer who are constantly encouraging women to join and pray for their children & also for their schools and teachers.

Surfing the Nations followed Moms in Prayer with a few hours to prepare. Vans arrived with 35 college age youth from all over the world including the USA. None of them knew where they were going to be staying while on Kauai so to see the expressions on their faces was priceless. Some were even crying!! These youth are part of a 3-month internship program through STN in Oahu where they stay and learn about Christ, serve others & learn to surf. They spent a day helping us a Makanalani cleaning & clearing the property and the house. Such a blessing to us.


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