Ruth Cowan: Wycliffe Bible Translators

The 2016 Finish Line prayer booklet came out the end of December! Over 1,000 copies were mailed and more are being distributed as members share in churches and with friends. The booklet you see features 30 representative translation projects within three years of completion as well as “helps” in how to pray for them. Our website has the total 300+ projects in Area documents (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Pacific) that can be downloaded and used for prayer—individually, in small groups, home schooling, etc. It is enlightening to read of the joys of New and Old Testaments completing and the challenges of those nearing the “finish line.” People groups around the world are being impacted for eternity by God’s Word. It’s a joy to have a part by doing the research and writing many of the entries. It’s also a huge education! The booklet and documents can be found at:

An additional option for praying is to receive an email the 4th Tuesday of each month with a “monthly download” of requests from The Finish Line. See the same link for that option.

Christmas and the turn of the year are over but my heart remains full from the love and greetings received — Thank you! — and the blessings of His daily presence.

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