Pastor Carlos Ilustre & Edna. Breakthrough Church, Payatas, Philippines

New communities/areas here in Barangay Bagong Silangan are continuing to grow both in number and in Christ. These areas are Tumana, Clemencia, Jubilee, Area 4 Extension Sitio Veterans, Area 4 Sitio Veterans, and Area 1 Sitio Veterans.
Small groups called “Life Groups” meet weekly in these areas. In addition, we now have weekly worship services in Tumana with an average attendance of 20 adults and 50 children. Pastor Jonathan Buanhog and his wife Malou shepherd this congregation. And together with a group of four mothers, they help feed and minister this group. A team of high school youth and college students serve in teaching God’s word to the children and youth.
From April 26 to May 2, Pastor Jonathan and his wife Malou led a mission team to Passi, in the Iloilo Province, to visit our two church partners in Sitio Maludlod and Barangay Jaguimitan.
On April 5 to 9, six members of Breakthrough Church joined the Kalinga Missions team to preach the gospel in two rebel communist strongholds, Sitio Tumyangan and Sitio Gaogao, both in the Kalinga Province, for the second time since 2012. We distributed backpacks filled with school supplies and slippers to 100 elementary school children and Tagalog New Testament Bibles to 100 people who attended our Bible Study meetings. Teacher Mailva Ducayag and a local principal are praying that we would be allowed to go back and conduct a medical and dental outreach service in Sitio Gaogao.
Construction update of BCA (Breakthrough Christian Academy school): The remodel of the second floor of the school, above the sanctuary, is 60% complete. Once completed, BCA will be able to increase their enrollment capacity from 120 to 200 students.
Breakthrough Church uses BCA for church services, and upon completion of these additional facilities at BCA, the church will be able to run simultaneous services on the ground floor (170 people) and on the third floor (100 people). Currently, we have three Sunday worship services. Please pray for the ongoing construction, our mission trips to Ma-a dumpsite in Davao City and Barangay Luhib in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, and the men’s group’s inmate ministry at the Iwahig Penal Colony in Palawan.


Our ministry collects non-perishable food items each month for Orange County Rescue Mission’s food bank. It is a way for us to reach out, with a missional and eternal mindset, to those learning to readjust to life without drugs or alcohol, because the OC Rescue Mission’s goal is to teach that there is no real transformation unless Jesus Christ is part of their lives. This ministry provides an ongoing opportunity for our congregation to serve in mission even if unable to go into a “mission field”. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus in a tangible way and it is an act of mercy that everyone of every age can do.


» PRAY for this ministry that it will touch hearts and minds with Jesus’ Love.
» BRING canned goods & non-perishable items to the Food Drive in the Main Lobby at WCC during our Food Drive every 3rd of the month.
» VOLUNTEER to help transport the canned goods once collected or be part of the team at the collection table on Food Drive Sunday.

Contact person: Vivian Ferido

Tony Missions update

It’s a real privilege to be able to greet you as we serve God together.
Not something to be taken lightly.
I begin by reporting that The Lord has triumphed yet again. For a few weeks we had been prevented from ministering at Breakthrough. There were two main reasons for this, one being apathy from the manager and the other related to the resignation of a brother from WOF by the name of Fred Favard and his behind the scene support.
Please allow me to say something about Fred. His influence has touched us all.
Fred had been one of the top brass when, a number of years back, Working on Fire was still a private company. He is a tough, rugged, well skilled man and an outstanding Christian to boot, not standing back for anyone. It was Fred who seven years ago opened the door for us to minister at Working on Fire and since then played a big role in making sure things went smoothly. Sadly, due to internal politics Fred has been forced out of WOF. Things came to a head when he received instructions from WOF head office here in Nelspruit, to increase his training staff as a big increase in the numbers of those undergoing leadership training would soon be arriving. This he did, but there were no new arrivals!!! Even as outsiders we have become accustomed to the WOF managerial mix-ups that continue to emanate from that “seat of wisdom”. Fred then received a counter instruction, viz. that he was to fire the extra instructors, meaning that they, who had been brought in from other areas, would now be jobless. This he refused to do, regarding the Head Offices demand as totally unfair. They needed to mop up their own mess. His refusal was based on not only what was right, but his heart for the African. He refused to act as hatchet executioner and cover up man covering for the incompetence of Government bungling. Further it would irreparably blot his testimony. In the end it came down to an ultimatum, “Do as we say or you are out”. Fred said, “O.K. Then I’m out”. But the Lord has triumphed. Fred responded to a job offer yes, offer, from Indonesia and now controls all forestry in that entire country. His work here is done. I heard from him. He and his family are happily settled and have found a great church in which to fellowship and begin a new chapter in the Lord which I am pretty sure will duplicate what he has done here.
Then, we had opposition from a Muslim who is chairman of the WOF board. He had been leaning on the manager at Breakthrough – (management and instructors are black) to discontinue the meetings. This man is a Christian when with Christians and a Moslem when with Moslems (I think the descriptive term for this is a “mugrump bird”…sitting with mug on one side of the fence and rump on the other) so, for a few weeks meetings were suspended. But the instructors at Breakthrough are very strong Christians and they made it very plain that they wanted the meetings to continue. Their words to us were, “We’ll sort him out” and while I don’t have details, sort him out they did, as we have been able to resume meetings with great blessing. That particular manager has since been removed, so no more problems there. I think you will agree. The Lord triumphed yet again.
As I write I am reminded of a favorite old Isaac Watts hymn. The words, particularly those of the first verse, stir me.

Jesus shall reign where’re the sun
Doth his successive journeys run;
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore,
Till sun shall rise and set no more.
Our God has a big hand. Those who dare try to interfere with the gospel will get slapped and if I might be allowed an opinion,….the harder the better! I frequently think of Pastor Frank, who in his message on prayer said words to the effect, “Prayer is a means our sovereign God uses to release His will into the world “. So let us not cease to pray into all circumstances, “Thy will be done”.
Meetings at the Academy have been uninterrupted and are running wonderfully well. We had one group of 92 for four weeks. Twenty two responded to Christ and we had a lot of personal interaction.
While there two weeks ago, I experienced, what was to my mind, a miracle in timing. I had been teaching from our Bible Studies and suddenly felt I should end. Literally FIVE seconds later and without warning huge drops of rain, which sounded like hail, hit the roof. Within ten seconds it was bucketing down. The noise on the tin roof was deafening and only after 15 minutes did the rain ease up. In fact when I left the facility it was still raining and the night was ominously black. Leaves and small rocks were strewn across part of the route home. As the rain began I had a quite smile and a little word with the Lord. “Good thing I stopped hey Lord”. Perhaps it was my imagination but I sensed him giving me just the hint of a smile back accompanied by, “Yes. And a good thing you listened”. I didn’t feel either commendation or rebuke, but I came away determined to be better listener to the Lord. Samuel obeyed the sage advice of old Eli when he said, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening!” Not just business as usual. It was the secret that underpinned his life. He was a good listener. So may it be with us all.
We had 221 trainees at the Academy on Tuesday, the largest group ever!! Just wonderful! And what a fantastic opportunity to see lives changed for God. I couldn’t resist dusting Nicodemus off and using the evergreen words of Jesus, “You MUST be born again’. A large percentage are Xhosa and come from the Eastern Cape where circumcision is “the must” before you can be called “a man”. There were 38 deaths last year at “circumcision schools” and that in the Eastern Cape alone, but Government continues to turn a blind eye. We are told, “It’s the African way”. Not wise in the eyes of Government to upset chiefs, customs and traditions and lose votes at the polls by bringing it all to an end. The girls also go through abuse when becoming “women”. In some areas of the Eastern Cape men simply hijack young girls against their will and make them their wives. And that is that. Nothing is ever done. “It’s our right to have these girls. It’s our custom. It’s our tradition!!” …..Unbelievable!!! I always ask, even though a group will always comprise of people from different areas, “Where are you from?” It’s good to know. Then we trust the Holy Spirit to cut through the trash so the light of the glorious gospel of Christ can shine in, and praise God friends, He does. What a mighty God we serve! He triumphs over all evil and heals all our diseases which we testify to just two nights ago.
My pray for Woodbridge would be that you keep listening and doing. Thank you for your loving support. Please convey my love and greetings once more to Pastors Frank and Cynda.
Your friend and brother,


The serendipitous prayer…
As we were waiting to be called into the doctor’s office, we received this message from a long time ministry partner in Japan. I got the strong urge to pray for something I don’t know about. As I was praying, I thought God was telling me something so I wrote it down.

Be ready for an intense battle. Get ready with prayer. Get ready to win. Be ready to surely win this battle. Don’t go back. Do not go back. Just move forward, move forward praising. Move forward rejoicing, just move forward with praise. The enemy is in our hands. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord as this battle is not yours but God’s. Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose heart. Be courageous because you are going to win. You are going to win this battle.

The Battle…
We soon discovered our battle. Yesterday’s MRI result confirmed that Bola has ovarian cancer. She is scheduled for a biopsy surgery on March 10. Chemo therapy will happen soon after. There is never a good time to be sick nor is there an easy way to share it with others. We are processing this as well. We do not want to live in fear. Rather, we choose to live by faith in the care and comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bola writes:
Many eyes are on us as we serve in Japan – many whose eyes still do not acknowledge the One who gave His Life for them. We want this journey to matter for Christ! We are confident in His presence, His care, His peace, His strength, His comfort & His provisions of all our possible needs. We want everyone to know that He is available for them too.

At this point Bola is getting top-notch medical care and her needs will be taken cared of in this environment. We are amazed at the speed and excellent care that we are receiving for which we are most grateful.

Pray for Bola’s healing. Pray for Dr. Katase and his medical team. Pray that we do not grow weary but remain strong in the Lord. We need the Lord to intervene in every area of our lives. We are in desperate need of your prayers.

Keeping on…
This is the 15th year anniversary of Hallelujah Gospel Family (HGF). We are just about to start the Spring semester. After 33 years of doing music and live performances together, we are finally doing our own Jazz CD. Pray for Bola as her recording is the day before she enters the hospital.


Summer of 2014

Every year, WCC is blessed to get to visit our church partner in the Philippines. During our trip, we assist with medical & dental outreach programs, as well as fellowship and encourage our brothers and sisters as they do ministry in these areas. Last summer (2014), a team of 11 adults and youth traveled around the Philippines for two weeks, visiting our partners and seeing the work the Lord is doing. Woodbridge partners with two main ministries in the Philippines: The Living Bodies of Christ, headquartered in Manila, and Ikthus Redeemed Communities, headquartered in Bacolod. The Lord is working in powerful ways through these ministries. Their work is ongoing and growing, so they are in need of your prayers and support!

How can you be a part of what’s going on?

This page will be updated with more photos, story updates from their front lines, prayer requests, and opportunities to support financially. So check back! Fill out the form below if you would like to be notified of updates.
See how WCC supports these ministries financially by programs being marked with a star* below. These programs are always growing, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to assist in supporting these ministries. To do so, you can designate your checks to WCC for “Philippine Missions Partners” or fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information.
Woodbridge plans to visit the Philippines frequently. If you would like to join our next trip, let us know!


Ten years ago, Pastor Carlos and his wife Edna were called to live amongst the people they are ministering to–so they live in an area called Payatas, a community built around Metro Manila’s dumpsite where a majority of the residents work in the dump. Here, the Lord has opened the door for them to lead a church (Breakthrough Church) and a PreK-Secondary School (Breakthrough Christian Academy). To continue their education at BCA or a local university, students are sponsored* (many are still in need of sponsors). In surrounding areas, they do weekly “Jesus Fun Clubs,” which are Gospel outreaches and feeding programs*.

Ensenada, Mexico

April 2015 & April 2014

April 9-12, 2015, WCC sent out a team of about 12 families ( 26 adults and 19 students) to work at El Sauzal, an orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico. The purpose: to think outside of ourselves, teaching our families to serve and love those children who do not have a close biological family. The team helped to meet the needs of the orphanage and show Christ’s love. April 12-14, 2014, WCC sent out a team of about 11 families (39 people total) to work at an orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico. The purpose: to think outside of ourselves, teaching our families to serve and love those children who do not have a close biological family. The team brought a VBS curriculum…

Don & Debi Isaacs Missions update

Thank you ministry partners.
Because of your partnership we have been able to be a part of several new Awana Club starts in the area. In fact one of them was what we refer to as a restart.
This year our area Awana Conference theme is “The Great Connection: Pursuing the Sweet Spot of Your Awana Ministry” This we believe will be help “Tool Up” the churches and Awana Leadership toward a great club year as we work together to reach more children and youth for Christ.
A special item to note. A couple pastors of churches I our service area have been exploring the opportunity of implementing a bus ministry to reach out to the community by providing transportation for church, Sunday school, and Awana.
We are continuing to connect with pastors, sharing the Awana ministry with them. Praise God.
We are now in the process of planning the various Awana Leadership opportunities. These are designed to equip the leaders of the clubs. Some of them new and some of them being veteran.
I would like to share a few prayer requests with you:
Request related to ministry;
That the training schedule calendaring provides ample options for leadership.
Training opportunities to be well attended & meeting the needs.
Continued good health of clubs throughout the area.

Personal Request;
Continued good health.
Above all that we continue to spend time daily in personal time in the word and prayer.

In His Love,
Don & Debi Isaacs

Jacob Cox Missions update

Hello Woodbridge family! Kia Ora is a New Zealand greeting that means “be well and healthy,” so I say to you, “KIA ORA!” 🙂
It has been about two months since I saw you last. I am having a really good time here in New Zealand. The others students and staff here are all very nice and I’m making good friendships. We have just finished our eighth week of the lecture phase. Different speakers have come and have spoke to us about a few different topics. So far we have had teachings on our heavenly Father’s love, sonship, the Holy Spirit, relationships, worship and identity. Some of the teaching is a little different or new to me. God has been challenging some of my thinking and at times it has been difficult. Yet He is so good because I have been praying for an open heart to hear from Him and He has been faithful to help me with that. Also, I know that God is refining my faith, which I gladly welcome. 🙂 In the song ‘Oceans’ there is a line that says that, “take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith would be made stronger.” It is a beautiful song but a pretty heavy thing to sing/pray. That has been my prayer and I’m happy to be in a place where He is making that happen!
Also, I know where I am going to be serving for our two-month outreach phase! Six other people and myself will be going to three different countries. As our plans stand, we will be going to Jordan, Turkey and Greece. In Jordan and Greece we will join with others in helping with the Syrian refugees. We are still finalizing our plans for Turkey so please keep that in your prayers.
Although I am having a great time growing closer to God and getting excited for our outreach, I miss you all dearly. I still covet your prayers. Please prayer for…
UNITY among our outreach teams.
GOD’S LOVE to flow out of our words and actions while on outreach
HIS WORDS as we share His good news with people
DISCERNMENT & WISDOM as we travel in these foreign countries
SAFETY during our outreach
PEOPLES lives to be changed
and HIS GLORY to shine!

Dave & Joanne Beckwith: Standing Stone Ministry, Irvine CA

As Associates with Standing Stone Ministry, we care for pastors and their wives, as well as ministry leaders and church boards. We advocate for leader care within congregations. We also serve as mentors, providing week-long one-on-one retreats for ministry couples in need of refreshment, renewal, and re-focus, with emphasis on their marriage and ministry. Our desire is to care for pastors BEFORE there is a crisis.

WHY? Pastors are leaving the ministry in large numbers—1700 to 1800 each month in the US. Studies show that about half of pastors and wives are experiencing burn-out, a too-frantic schedule, and unrealistic expectations, reporting that ministry has been hazardous to their family health. Unresolved conflicts within the church cause them pain and drain joy and passion. Pastors’ wives in large numbers (around 80%) are discouraged or depressed, don’t have a close friend or mentor, and feel unappreciated by their churches. The spiritual warfare a pastoral couple faces is brutal and depleting as they take a stand for truth. No wonder Satan strategizes to take them down. Moral failure and ruined marriages can result. Strike the shepherd, scatter the sheep. Destroy a church leader, destroy the church.

HOW WE HELP. We offer our friendship and support to pastors and ministry leaders and their wives in Southern California. By having a trusted, confidential relationship outside of their congregation, they have a place to process pain and discouragement and to seek counsel to deal with crisis situations with someone who understands. We also work with church boards as requested and do crisis intervention in churches. Since we minister on a support basis, we provide our services without charge.

HOW YOU CAN HELP. Share in this ministry by joining our Rapid Response Prayer Team. We email urgent requests for immediate prayer. Email Joanne to be added to our team. You will also receive our ministry updates. If this ministry touches your heart, please join our Support Team. Visit the website Select Donate/Associates Support/Dave’s account or send checks to Standing Stone Ministry, 270 Baker Street East, Suite 100, Costa Mesa, CA 92625 (attach a note with our names). Donations are tax deductible. Contact Information:

[email protected] [email protected]

Matt & Jordan Sveyda: Fiducia, Irvine, CA 041716

Matt & Jourdan Svayda: Fiducia, Irvine (April 17, 2016)

We are missionaries. Typically, when we think of a missionary we think about a person or family travelling to another country to share Christ to others.
Christ views anyone who believes in Him as a missionary. My family happens to be called to seek God’s Kingdom in neighborhoods here in OC. It’s an uncommon missionary calling, but a needed one nonetheless.
Our current culture has given us every tool necessary to isolate ourselves & isolation is one of the leading causes of depression in America. It affects nearly 121 million people worldwide according to the Geneva-based WHO.
It’s our conviction that this is NOT how God intended us to live. We were made to live in community with one another & to experience a life full of hope, joy, & peace. As neighbors, we have been called to fight isolation in neighborhoods so that others can experience the same hope, joy & peace we have in Christ. Our goal is to build community by seeking God’s kingdom come. Community is where relationships thrive, needs are met, & others can see & experience God’s kingdom in real life.

Take our neighbor Omid, for example. Omid is a 55-yr-old single Iranian man that
lives alone who works as an Uber driver. Getting to know Omid & bringing him
into our world has been a complete joy over the past hear. Before we knew him, we
actually saw him as a bit of a problem His yard has overgrown weeds, broken down
cars, fences & debris. Last summer we gathered a group of believers & served Omid
for a day making his yard & fencing new again. You can see the 2-min. video here:
https// After that experience, Omid began asking us questions
about Jesus. We spent the next couple of months studying Scripture every Wednesday
AM. We connected Omir to Mariner’s Church & watched how God began working on
his heart. A few months into attending church, he raised his hand & said “I Believe.”
We then guided Omid to join a 10-week community group called Rooted. At the end
of Rooted, those who felt God’s call on their lives were invited to share publicly their
new lives in Christ. Here’s how we celebrated it with Omid:

God is in the business of making all things new. Front yards, fences, houses, and neigh-
bor’s lives are all part of this renewing kingdom work.
We are calling this ministry Fiducia, which is the Latin word for “faith in Christ that
leads us to action”. Our mission is to infiltrate & reshape neighborhoods for Jesus by de-
ploying Christians from their footsteps. Part of our strategy is partnering & training local
churches to “go & do the same.” We’ve now hosted over a dozen neighborhood training
workshops & have equipped 350 missionaries where they live! Get a glimpse by going We know that it’s a clear calling from God to help the Church live
out its call to love God & love our (actual) neighbors. M