Mexico Missions: El Sauzal Orphanage (Ensenada)

Mexico Missions: El Sauzal Orphanage (Ensenada)
April 1-3, 2016

Praise GOD for the work He has done!
√ Shared the gospel through drama,
The Word and worship
√ Vacation Bible School
√ Served 5 meals/snacks
√ Donated 5, 5-gallon paint and
paint supplies

√ Painted the office, building
stairs, and dorm

√ Photo booth: keepsake
√ Face painting, crafts, piñata, egg hunt
√ Donated game equipment
(volleyball, basketball, kites, soccer ball, badminton sets)
√ Brought canned goods/food items for their pantry
√ Brought clothes for the children (infant-teens)
√ Haircutting
√ Fun, meaningful and memorable time with the kids


Eric & Lyn Taylor: Makanalani Camp, Kawaii, Hawaii

Young Life Oahu is in the midst of preparing for our 1st annual local YoungLives camp. YoungLives is one ministry of Young Life that reaches teen mommy by entering their world, striving to model the unconditional love of Christ and encouraging them to be the women and mothers that God created them to be.
This ministry is designed to empower and equip teen moms to become productive citizens in the community. YoungLives teams up with mature Christian women to provide teen girls in crisis with timely encouragement, guidance, and ongoing support.

> Hawaii ranks among the highest states for teen pregnancies
> Teens who become pregnant are less likely to graduate from high school, with
only 32 percent of teen mothers obtaining a diploma by the age of 30
> They are more likely to have another pregnancy before graduating high school
and their child is more likely to be a teen parent themselves, abused or
neglected, or be placed in foster care

While the statistics can be disheartening, YoungLives in Hawaii has resolved to make a difference. This year, Makanalani will host our 1st annual local YoungLives camp on Mar. 21-25. Mentors accompany teen moms and their babies to camp for a break from the chaos of their daily struggles. Teen moms will have the chance to be pampered with a spa day, play games, sing songs, share meals together, take surf lessons, hike, learn about nutrition for themselves and their babies and much more. Most importantly, with their physical and childcare needs met, teen moms are immersed in the love of God and can focus on their future.
In Mark 2, a paralyzed mean is carried to Jesus on a mat because his friends knew he was desperate for a healer. Jesus cared about more than just his physical brokenness. Jesus cared about the man’s heart. The same is rue of our teen moms. Their brokenness is obvious, perhaps more obvious than other teenagers as they endure sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and all the challenges that come with being a single parent. Jesus cares about their obvious brokenness, as well as their hearts. Here at Makanalani, we are excited in bringing teen moms to the feet of Jesus. Please join us in carrying their mats!

Far East Broadcasting Network: Christ to the World

Dear Partners,
I am writing to share an urgent prayer request. We just received shocking news from the Russian government:

Your license to broadcast on AM radio in St. Petersburg and
Moscow will not be renewed as of April 16, 2016.

For more than a decade, these two AM stations have been our primary channels to share the Gospel with a potential audience of more than twenty million men, women, and children in Russia. You have rejoiced with us through the years as millions have responded and shared their life-changing testimonies. Now is the time to pray with us, for the millions more at risk of never hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Using unofficial channels, we discovered that the pressure comes from particular people at the top who are highly influential; that’s all I am at liberty to share. We are convinced these forces are specifically targeting FEBC Russia because we are an evangelical organization that reaches so many with the Gospel.
Ironically, this news came as we were reviewing our Strategic Plan in Moscow to determine how to implement a gradual switch from AM to FM, online, mobile app and satellite broadcasting over the next three years that will prove to be even more effective and efficient. The challenge is that the government shutdown will force this 3-year transition to take place in one month– which is why we are asking for your prayers right now:

√ For wisdom in condensing a 3-year transition from AM radio to just 1
√ Energy for our staff as additional work is added to their daily tasks.
√ For the most effective ways to employ new cell phone apps, satellite and
Internet broadcasting.
√ For the Lord’s protection from opposing forces in the government.
√ If it’s the Lord’s will, for a miracle to renew our AM license on April 16.
√ Wisdom in how to continue to work with the government to save at least
Moscow and FM stations that could also be affected by this action.

This shocking news simply speeds up the implementation of our plan to reach more people with the Gospel. Today, more than half the people who listen to radio in Russia listen online or through cell phone apps. FEBC-Russia has more than 100,000 regular online/cell phone listeners (250,000 in St. Petersburg).
Our desire is for God’s will to be done. Above all, we want to be responsive to God’s leading. Thank you for covering us in your prayers.

In Christ,
Victor Akhterov, Director of FEBC-Russia and Ukraine

Glenn & Sue Kennedy: Okinawa, Japan

Sue and I have been here in Japan for 25 years. I retired from the Air Force in 1994. My wife is a registered nurse, homemaker, homeschool teacher, co-pastor with me, & a missionary. We have 7 children (4 boys and 3 girls) & 3 grandchildren.
Our ministry continues to expand year after year, but this has been a very challenging year with new areas of responsibility. I started as an assistant pastor of Yomitan International Church & within a year I became the senior pastor. We founded Asian Relief& Medical Services (ARMS) in 1994 as means of going to other nations in Asia & seen over 120,000 lives touched & well over 50,000 professions of faith over the years.
By 1997 I was appointed the Director of Far East for Christians in Action Missions International. My area of responsibility included the churches already established in Okinawa, the Philippines, Macau China and South Korea. In 2007, I was asked to serve as the VP of CINAMI & was appointed as the Field director for Okinawa. We have expanded ARMS into LatinAmerica & trained & assigned missionary couple over this region.
We have planted another church in Okinawa this year, now we have 4 churches. Our Japanese leadership team is taking on a greater role in teaching the Bible & translating. We need more translators. Japan is less than 1% Christian. Okinawa is the poorest prefecture & is approximate 3% Christian. Another area of prayer concern is getting our official documents in line with Japanese laws.
This year Sue & I have been able to minister together in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, & Cambodia. In April we will lead another team of 100 plus people in Bicol, Philippines.
Sue’s term as chairman of the board of directors for Okinawa Christian School Internationalis coming to an end but the school has asked her to stay for another three years. The school reaches out to Japanese, Amerasians, & foreign children, who cannot attend DoD schools.
This past year my youngest son Daniel, our youth director, has grown tremendously & is doing an outstanding job in discipling our young adults (20-30 high schoolers). He is married to Lisa Metz, a graduate of APU in youth ministries. He is also the Athletic Director of the OCSI & coaches the Girls soccer team.
Our church in Japan is still remodeling & recovering from the typhoons. We need to get favor with the city officials to assist us in protecting our property from future flooding. Your prayers are very much needed in this area.
As Sue & I look back on what has transpired in the past 22 years of ministry we stand in awe at what the Lord has done. We are grateful that He has seen fit to train, teach, & trust us in this area of Japan and Asia. We are eagerly looking forward to what is to come. Thank you for being a part of our support team. One last thought & area of prayer concerns our furlough & transitioning our children to live in America. We have not been on a furlough with our family since 2006. We very much need your prayers in this area. We need someone to come for at least 2 to 3 months & pastor the church while we take a very much needed break. Again thank you for being there for us in support, love &
prayers. God smiles!

Ruth Cowan: Wycliffe Bible Translators

The 2016 Finish Line prayer booklet came out the end of December! Over 1,000 copies were mailed and more are being distributed as members share in churches and with friends. The booklet you see features 30 representative translation projects within three years of completion as well as “helps” in how to pray for them. Our website has the total 300+ projects in Area documents (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Pacific) that can be downloaded and used for prayer—individually, in small groups, home schooling, etc. It is enlightening to read of the joys of New and Old Testaments completing and the challenges of those nearing the “finish line.” People groups around the world are being impacted for eternity by God’s Word. It’s a joy to have a part by doing the research and writing many of the entries. It’s also a huge education! The booklet and documents can be found at:

An additional option for praying is to receive an email the 4th Tuesday of each month with a “monthly download” of requests from The Finish Line. See the same link for that option.

Christmas and the turn of the year are over but my heart remains full from the love and greetings received — Thank you! — and the blessings of His daily presence.

Tim Nash, Tecate, Mexico

Dear Prayer Supporters,

Happy new year and thank you so much for what you do for this ministry. Prayer is a vital part and involves people from all over the world into the work that God is doing here in Tecate. Thank you for that. We are off to an interesting start to this year and have many things beginning to line up for this coming year. Please pray for some of the following:

1. Please pray as my team is branching out and starting their own ministries this year. They are currently finishing their ministry plans and looking for and building their own teams. They are excited and it is interesting to see how the ministries are aligned with Vision72 and what God we see is doing in the bigger picture in Tecate. Please pray for this, that the Lord would bless, protect, and help grow the ministries to bring much glory to Himself and lasting fruit. We have 6 ministries identified, 3 that we are implementing now including

a. A ministry to Christian business men and women, to help formulate and establish their vision with a Kingdom purpose and promote Godly living and principles.

b. A ministry to help align or realign a Christian leader’s calling according to their gifts, passion and purpose for which they were created.

c. A ministry that sends out messages and devotionals written by one of our team members to the citizens of Tecate.

2. Please pray for the incorporation of our ministry as a non-prophet. That the Lord would guide as we formalize in this way.

3. Please pray as we are looking for and selecting to rent an event center. We’ve located one that is “super bien” in the heart of Tecate that can host up to 500 people. This will help cut on expenses and give us a “home base” to call people together to on neutral ground. Please pray for direction, discernment, timing and finances to pay for such a facility.

4. Please pray as we coordinate Wagener Leadership Institute to come down to Tecate again to do a conference the 27 of February. Please pray as we look for the participants, that God would lead us to the correct people and start a movement in the area of business with Kingdom purpose in this city.

5. Overall please pray for wisdom, protection, blessing and most importantly filling of God’s spirit this year in my heart and in the heart of my team, that the Lord would fill us and we would work with passion and freedom.

Thank you for your continued prayers! Please stay in touch.

Tim Nash

Joseph and Annie Moses, Gospel Torch, India

Respected & Dearly Beloved Brethren,

Regards and Greetings to each and every one of the families and the congregations in the most Precious Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through which we are blessed to have this divine relationship and in the days to come. Glory, Honor and Praises to God alone!

First of all, I would like to thank you for all your love, concern and prayer for us all through the last year.

I do trust that you might have had a wonderful and blessed Christmas Season to praise and remember God’s love to mankind. It is indeed a great blessing to come to you with the news of praise in the beginning of this New Year. We had a fabulous season of Christmas to proclaim the good news of Christmas in 49 programs all over the mission field, travelling 4000 km, baptizing new believers, sharing the love and joy both through word and deed. We are truly grateful to the Lord for His grace and thankful to you for your prayers and Christmas gifts from a few brethren.

It is our sincere prayer that the Lord may bless each and every one of you and fulfill the desires of your hearts in His great gracious will. Please do continue to pray for my family, tribal Pastors, and all the congregations and the needs of the mission work.

With prayerful & grateful hearts,
Pastor Joseph & Annie Moses.


As an outreach to the local community of retired people, we hold bi-weekly ESL classes at the Woodbridge Inn, just down the street from WCC.


» ASSIST with ESL class (help with worksheets, etc) Wednesdays and Fridays at 12noon.
» BE a conversation partner with a student

Contact person: Betsy McCullough


Our purpose is to serve families and individuals in our church body and to reach out in love to our WCC family members who are recovering from surgery, illness, injury or birth of a child. We organize and provide meals, visitations, transportation and/or JOY bags (hand sewn bags filled with items that will bless the recipient as they recuperate). Our vision is to bring community to our WCC family by serving and caring for one another in tangible ways. We serve the Lord by serving one another.


» Help us put together JOY bags
» Volunteer to visit families in need
» Cook a meal
» Assist with transportation (often to/from doctors appointments)

Contact person: Jan Parker & Sherri Yamashita


Our vision is to spread love through compassion to God’s people, specifically the homeless on Skid Row in LA. We help to activate the gifts that God has already given them. Every week, we go out to the streets of Skid Row to provide for the daily needs of those who live there. We provide prayer, water, food, clothing and basic hygiene needs. Part of this mission is to get as many as possible off the streets and into a permanent residence, while actively functioning in society.


» Donate clothing or hygiene supplies in the Main Lobby at WCC
» Come with us to Skid Row / Sunday nights at 9pm. We meet at Fiona’s home in HB and drive up together.

Contact person: Fiona Tallman